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Welcome to Eyeris Gaming

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Dangerous Don Duffield. Human bard with googles, a hooked mustache and a big smile.


Jill Poisson: Owner and Game Designer

Aaron Poisson: Creative Director

Eyeris Gaming is co-owned by Jill Poisson and her brother Aaron. For 16 years game designer Jill Poisson as run campaigns in her world of Nalmorah building lore, intrigue and 1,000 years of world history created through the player character’s actions in multiple eras of play. Our ultimate goal is to take this robust world and have its story continue as players from around the globe decide its fate for years to come.

Dangerous Don Duffield’s Tall Tales of Derring-do campaign sits smack dab in the middle of the 1,000 years of character-driven history in an era after a great war.  Each adventure delves deep into the myths of Nalmorah painting a picture of a setting that is both very old but very much still living. As the party navigates the ever-increasing danger and excitement, their names will be song throughout the land via bardic tales Dangerous Don writes about their exploits. By the end of adventure 10, players will be able to read their bardic tales and see how far they have come from level one and how much more they can achieve beyond level ten. The tales don’t have to stop there as we’ll be giving the DM enough information about the world to keep playing.

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